Spread Smiles

Spread Smiles is platform for those who want to appreciate others work.They can send a wonderful card to them with beutiful notes. Give motivations to all those who is doing great work.


Who We Are?

Spreadsmiles is an inspiration from Dr. Narsi Narasimhan's life. Dr. Narsi, an iconic Indian community leader based in Atlanta ,who was also know as the 'Networking Guru' never missed a chance to help people in any possible way, without expecting anything in return. He taught us the true secret to happiness in life and that is: Help without expecting and Thank people for all their efforts to show how much you value it. Dedicated to Dr. Narsi this website aims to spread smile across the world by appreciating people for the good work they do. As we too believe "Spreading a smile costs nothing but brings a world of difference"

What SUNSHINE is to flowers, Smiles are to humanity.

Whom you can send messages

Helping Someone

In this busy life where people are racing against the time, helping takes a little back seat. But if you come across somebody who has helped you in anyway, you must take a minute to thank that person. Your time and our platform, together will make a magic and difference to someones life.

Thank you Service

"Thank You", these are only two words but the impact they leave behind is immeasurable. Everybody offer services in one or the other way and they get paid too. It's time that we compliment their service with a Thank You note to show how much we appreciate their knowledge, time, experience, candid advice.

Say Thank you to Manager

Saying Thank you to people at work, helps to build trust and stronger relationships with them. It also maintains the excitement of the work. When people know you value them, they are more likely to value you in return and want to work with you.
Expressing gratitude isn’t just good for the people you’re thanking - it’s actually good for you too! It’s like a self-perpetuating cycle; the more positivity you spread, the more is out there to come back to you.
Sometimes at work it is easier to say nothing then to say Thank you in a wrong way.
With this platform you can never go wrong. Use this very moment to Thank your manager and let him know that you appreciate all they do for you.

Customer Service

The success of any product depends on the customer satisfaction. Every business tries not only to deliver but over- deliver to the customer to build brand awareness and to gain their confidence. This is how started Customer Service, to stay connected to the customer, to hear them and to resolve to their problem.
Through this platform appreciate all the people at the Customer Service desk, who help you by listening to your concerns, answering all your questions patiently, also ensuring that you have all the information that you needed.
We give the platforms, the opportunity and the right words, all you need to do is to take a little time out off your schedule and say "Thank You".

Say Thank You

"We must find time to stop and thank the people who make a difference in our lives" -John F. Kennedy
Saying “thank you” can be hard. But it’s so important.
In today's fast moving life, we barely have time for each other. So, if we get any chance to express our gratitude to anybody, we should not miss it. A Thank You can make a lot of difference in the other persons life. It tells them that you appreciate and value what they have done for you.
Use any chance of appreciating anybody, do not hesitate. If you feel you are short of words or chance, then this is the platform for you, providing the chance and wide selection of words

Congratulate Someone

Achievements make people proud and being congratulated for the achievement makes them 'Smile'. Let's make people smile, it costs nothing but add a lot to your treasure of relationships...