Spread Smiles

Spread Smiles is platform for those who want to appreciate others work.They can send a wonderful card to them with beutiful notes. Give motivations to all those who is doing great work.

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    Show Gratitude
    You may have limited resources,
    but you do have an unlimited appetite for giving.
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    Spread Smiles
    When it is just not possible to do it
    you just do it and make it happen. Wow!

Who Can Send Messages

Think if Someone made you Smile

Say Thank You

A Thank You can make a lot of difference in the other persons life. It tells them that you appreciate and value what they have done for you.

Customer Experience

Appreciate the people at the Customer Service desk, who help you by listening your questions patiently, ensuring that your issues are clear.

Congratulate Someone

Achievements make people proud and being congratulated for that achievement makes them 'Smile', Let's make people smile.

Say Thank You to Manager

Saying Thank you to people at work, helps to build trust and stronger relationships with them. Let people know you appreciate their work.

Thank You for Service

Everybody offer services in some way. It's time that we compliment their service with a Thank You note to show how much we appreciate.

Helping Person

In busy life where people are racing, if you come across somebody who has helped you, you must take a minute to thank that person.